N-KryptShield: Your First Step in External CyberSecurity Protection

The protection of sensitive data is becoming more of a security priority today given industry regulations, and the frequency of Data Breaches that are occurring on a daily basis. Whether it’s another government website, corporate database, or insurance company leakage, the reality is this effects each and every one of us. Reading these stories in mainstream media only begs more natural questions;

  • When Will Smaller Companies be the Target?

    (Spoiler Alert) You are already a target, and have been for a while. With the explosion of freely available hacking tools, all forms of hackers are getting into the game. Some for money, and some just for their reputation.

  • Why are Smaller Companies considered Targets?

    Every company contains sensitive or confidential information. It might be your own proprietary data, or worse, it might be for a group of external people or companies (i.e. your customers, partners, patients, etc.). The black market for sensitive information has always existed, and depending on the industry, some data is considered more valuable than others. If you’ve ever been a victim of Identity Theft or a Data Breach, you already know what this means.

  • How will Smaller Companies Adapt?

    This is a question that only you can answer. Any company that has a website, a web application, or any access to the Internet (i.e. Email, etc.) needs to consider CyberSecurity. Given your industry’s stringent and aggressive regulatory laws – what answers will you give to auditing officials if you’ve been hacked?

With N-KryptShield, we can help you with that problem. A vulnerability assessment is generally part of the initial stages of assessing your external CyberSecurity. Built with industry-leading AI (Artificial Intelligence), our vulnerability and malware scans are smarter which each review, while taking into account the latest ZERO-DAY threats that come to surface. N-Krypt offers a cost effective subscription tool to help combat these growing threats.

With N-KryptShield, we can help mimic an attack on your website, patient portal, or any other web application. We will generate an easy to read Web Vulnerability Assessment, Malware, and Blacklist report which will not only help identify existing and potential threats, but will also show you how to fix them.

Don’t have any IT resources available to help fix these vulnerabilities? No problem – we can help with you that as well.

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