How Important is Cybersecurity to you?

avg number records
PER breach (2019)
Avg Cost per Breach
$ 0,190,000
for u.s. companies (2019)
avg time to indentify
0 days
and Contain a Breach (2019)

Advanced Email Encryption.

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Protected Trust
Email Encryption supercharges your emails.

Works in Microsoft Outlook®, Office 365®, IOS, Android, GMail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, and every other email address available.

Features that make you smarter.

With features such as True Message Recall, Real-Time Tracking & Audit Trail, 100% Read Receipt, and GB File-Size Delivery, work smarter when sending sensitive files.

Securely email anyone on the planet.

Our Secure Networks are completely branded to your organization, and uses the same email addresses you have now. You can send encrypted emails to any other email address.

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An Intelligent and Simple Email Encryption service that just works better.


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N-Krypt Shield Plus

Advanced Website & Web Application Protection w/ Data Breach Warranty

  • Website Scanner

    Protect website & web applications from hackers.

  • Malware Scanner

    Run daily malware scans to protect against suspicious files

  • Limited Data Breach Warranty

    Support your business in the event of a website attack.


  • DDOS Protection

    Provide protection against DDOS attacks on your website.

  • Web Firewall

    Monitor website traffic and filter out all malicious traffic.

  • No False-Positive Reports

    Review executive reports with very low false-positive results.

Learn how N-Krypt Shield Plus can protect your business.

N-Krypt Shield Plus is an AI cloud-based protection service to help identify Web Vulnerabilities and dangerous Malware living on your website and web applications. Also includes web-based Firewall and DDOS protection from external threats.

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Do you need Email Encryption?

With the daily news of data breaches, and cyber attacks being covered in mainstream media, the concept of Cybersecurity is here to stay whether you understand it or not.

What is Web Vulnerability Testing?

Learn how N-Krypt Shield Plus can help protect your business.

Aprima User Conference
Aprima User Conference

N-Krypt is proud to be a Platinum sponsor again at the Aprima 2019 User Conference at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center.