Secure PDF Print Driver (Add-On)

The protection of sensitive data is quickly becoming a security priority given today's Industry Regulations, Privacy laws, and the frequency of Data Breaches and Cyberattacks that are occurring on a daily basis. Whether it’s another government website, corporate database, or insurance company leakage, the reality is this effects each and every one of us. Reading these stories in mainstream media only begs more natural questions, and hence some customer-demanded solutions too;

Imagine the ability to work on a spreadsheet in Excel, and send it as a secure email directly within Excel.

Or the ability to send a Quickbooks report directly to a customer, without ever having to leave Quickbooks.


Encrypted Email still includes all of the same robust Security and Business Intelligence features;

including Real-time Tracking, Audit-trail, Message Expiry, True Message Recall, and GB File size delivery. It works with every Windows-based application that has the ability to print.

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