N-Krypt Global Services

N-Krypt provides quality technology-driven Security & Compliance solutions to Organizations all over the world.

N-Krypt is a new leader in Delivering & Distributing bleeding edge Security solutions that are both simple to use, and powerful in functionality. Our team consists of well-balanced Technology and Management professionals stemming from the Security, Compliance, and Privacy world. Our knowledge base, customers and partners extend strongly in several key industries (Healthcare, Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Legal, Government, and more).

Concentrating on Secure Messaging and Secure Content Delivery with the Protected Trust platform, N-Krypt can help you enable compliance requirements and intelligent, secure delivery of your emails and contents to any recipient with simplicity.

We strive to achieve 2 Focused Goals:

  1. To provide our customers cost-effective and cutting-edge technology solutions to help enable compliance, minimize risk and liabilities, and improve productivity & business intelligence.
  2. To provide premier Customer Service to all customers (and their respected clients) because we believe a little hand-holding and education is perfectly acceptable, especially when dealing within the Security & Privacy space.

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