Enable Secure Messaging in Aprima® with Protected Trust

We’ve partnered with Aprima to offer you a specially priced bundled secure email solution, and we can get you up and running within hours. Let us help you get Secure Email working within Aprima EHR | PM | EHR.
Our offerings are simple to use, extremely secure, and offer business intelligence features that separates us from the competition. With years of experience in deploying secure email networks, we understand Healthcare’s specific requirements, with best practices that makes the most sense for your associates and patients.
Our Aprima premium bundled package is carefully tailored to offer you the most demanded features for the best possible value. Take a look at the list of included Features you get with the Aprima Bundled Package;

Aprima Bundled Package Includes:

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Seamless 2-Layer Encryption

We use a minimum of 2 different levels of encryption. 128-bit HTTPS/SSL During Transit & 256-bit AES on Storage.

Simple & Easy-to-Use

Secure emailing should not be difficult, and more importantly should be just as easy for your recipients. We have you covered.

Outlook Integration

Use the free Outlook Add-In to securely send and receive emails directly within Microsoft Outlook clients 2003 - 2013 + 0365.

Real-Time Tracking & Audit Trail

Track if secure emails have been opened, replied to, forwarded, printed, or attachments downloaded.

Secure PDF Printer

With this Add-On, securely send emails directly from within Aprima EHR, PM, or RCM. No additional coding is required.

Message Expiry

Minimize your liabilities by only allowing secure emails to be available for a certain period of time. Even after they have been opened.

Message Recall

Ever send a sensitive email too quickly? With Message Revoke, you can recall it with no limitation - even if it's already been viewed.

100% Receipt Notification

Receive a 100% read receipt for your secure emails, including who, when, and where (Geo + IP)

Gigabyte File Size Delivery

Never be limited in sending large file sizes again. Send up to 5GB/msg, and with no limitations to your recipients.

Desktop Encryption

If you choose to use the free Outlook Add-In, then you will benefit with a 3rd layer of encryption as it encrypts before it sends.

Flexible Registration Options

You can either force registration, or make it optional with both Shared Secret & Phone/SMS 2-Factor Authentication.

Enable Compliance

Help enable compliance with industry standards - HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, Red Flags, FFIEC, FISMA, GLBA, CJIS, HSPD-12, any many more...

Professionally Branded

Each secure network is professionally branded to your organization. This even extends within Outlook.

Smartphone, Tablet & Web Support

Use any of our native apps (iOS), mobile and desktop web apps to easily send & receive secure messages.

Admin Console

A powerful Administrator's console allows for untethered flexibility and reporting functionality. Create policies, rules, and even format templates.

99.999% Uptime

Protected Trust servers uses an industry best 99.999% uptime, which equates to less than 5 minutes of downtime over a 1-year period. Amazing!

Premium Customer Support Included

All of our networks are backed with N-Krypt's Premium Customer Support. This means even your recipients will get support when needed.

FIPS 140-2 L3

Our Key Management Servers are surrounded with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Security Standards. Look it up...you will be impressed.

US-Based Data Centers

All of our servers are based within the United States. If you have other regional requirements, let us know...


Available Add-Ons:

Journaling & Archiving

Add secure email to your existing Journaling & Archiving solution. Need a solution? We can help.

Digital Leak Prevention

With DLP support, all of your regular emails are monitored first they are sent. Think of it as a Digital Traffic Cop!


Allow all of your secure emails to be included in your E-Discovery solution. Need a solution? We can help.

Single Sign-On Support

With SSO support, your users can seamlessly use their existing Windows passwords to log into secure email.

Distribution List Support

With distribution list support, all DL's are synchronized within your secure email network. Including any future changes that occur.

3rd Party API Integration

Do you envision a solution that allows for integrated secure emailing through a 3rd party application? We can help.