N-Krypt Shield Plus: Your First Step in External Cybersecurity Protection

If having to worry about Email Security wasn't enough, Hackers globally have been targeting Websites and Web Applications from Organizations of all sizes. WHY? Because Zero-day threats are released daily, and used by bad actors to infect your online presence. Generally, websites don't get updated regularly, and may be ridden with web vulnerabilities that allow Hackers to install Trojans or Malware - which will infect your web users and visitors.

Why Are they Targeting our Website?

Short Answer  - You're an Easy Target.

Long Answer - There are threat vectors that Hackers use against your online presence. This is for Financial gain, and/or to damage your Reputation. Your Website or Portal may be dated. As a result, Vulnerabilities exist, and may be used against you. Add in Malware insertion, DDOS Attacks and Domain Blacklisting, Hackers have a leg up in their efforts.

What Do You Offer?

Our N-Krypt Shield and N-Krypt Shield Plus services is a cloud-based solution that provides the following;

  • Web Vulnerability Testing & Malware Detection Scanner
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • DDOS Protection & Web Active Firewall (N-Krypt Shield Plus)
  • Comprehensive Executive Reports
  • Solutions to Repair/Fix
  • Limited Data Breach Warranty
How does N-Krypt Shield Plus work?

N-Krypt Shield and N-Krypt Shield Plus is years of pain-staking coding that is based on Artificial Intelligence, and feeds directly from the Zero-Day Threat database. We are a cloud-based solution that provides regular scanning and reporting on the security health of your website and web applications. Our reports have very low False-Positives, and will not only pinpoint where the risks are in concise reporting, but even tell you how to fix them. If you can't fix them, we're here to help. In addition, our Shield Plus comes backed with Limited Data Breach Warranty for piece of mind and comfort.

Still have more questions? We're here to help answer any and all of your concerns. To prove our case, we'll even do a complimentary Web Vulnerability and Malware scan on your website. All we ask, is you allow us to explain the reporting to you. Sign up for a demonstration today.