What is Web Vulnerability Testing?

It can be difficult enough understanding all of the options available within the IT Security space, let along knowing which ones you need and which ones can wait later. This article will attempt to explain what Web Vulnerability testing is, and how this might apply to your business. The subject matter of Cyber Security is quite large. It includes every part of your business from your inside employees to outside contractors, partners, and vendors. It includes documented policies, processes, software, hardware, and security auditors poking into any area where a potential security hole might exist.
Where Web Vulnerability testing comes into play is it’s generally considered the first step in tackling your External Security Holes by attempting to determine how external hackers may be able to compromise your system. In this case, your system would include anything connected to the World Wide Web.

This can include your website, your private partner application, your patient portal, or any other customized web application your company uses. What comes out of a successful Web Vulnerability Assessment is a clear understanding of where your areas of weaknesses are. It is this initial series of tests that allows your IT department or security staff to begin a plan of action to emediate those findings. Web Vulnerability Testing is not the end-all solution for all of your Cyber Security needs, but it is usually the first and most critical piece to first understand where you might be vulnerable. And considering new threats that emerge daily (what is otherwise called ZERO-DAY threats), it is important that you maintain these web vulnerability detections to ensure you can help minimize your weaknesses.

With N-Krypt’s WebScan Vulnerability Suite, we can assist you in having an automated service to help protect your most vital websites and web applications. Our solutions are designed for SMB’s (Small-to-Medium) sized businesses, which means it’s affordable, and offers companies a realistic option in protecting their sensitive data. Our included Malware scanner determines if threats are living in your website or web application, waiting to wreck more havoc on your systems and maybe even your customers. Our reports are easy to understand, our consultants are hands on with your IT staff, and we even help guide you on how to fix your issues. Of course, if you don’t have the resources to help fix any potential problems, we can help you there as well. If you have questions, we would love the opportunity to answer them. Whether it’s to better understand our easy-to-use Cyber Security services, or obtain a free scan – we would love to chat with you, learn more about your business, and help you evaluate if there is a business fit with our solutions. Contact our sales team or request a web-based Sales demonstration.

N-Krypt's WebScan Vulnerability Suite: Your First Step in CyberSecurity Protection

The protection of sensitive data is becoming more of a security priority today given industry regulations, and the frequency of Data Breaches that are occurring on a daily basis. Whether it's another government website, corporate database, or insurance company leakage, the reality is this effects each and every one of us. Reading these stories in mainstream media only begs more natural questions;

  • When Will Smaller Companies be the Target?

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  • Why are Smaller Companies considered Targets?

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With N-Krypt's WebScan Vulnerability Suite, we can help you with that problem. A vulnerability assessment is generally part of the initial stages of assessing your CyberSecurity. Built with industry-leading AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the backend, our vulnerability scans are smarter which each scan, while taking into account the latest ZERO-DAY threats. N-Krypt offers a cost effective subscription tool to help combat these growing threats.

With our web vulnerability services, we can help mimic an attack on your website, patient portal, or any other web application. We will generate an easy to read Web Vulnerability Assessment, Malware, and Blacklist report which will not only help identify existing and potential threats, but will also show you how to fix them.

Don't have any IT resources available to help fix these vulnerabilities? No problem - we can help with you that as well.

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